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Heading off to the local pet store to buy the ingredients for your dinner may feel very weird but don’t let that put you off! The amazing smells emanating from your kitchen as this cooks will transport you to the perfect country farmhouse and once it hits the table it’s a sure-fire Sunday lunch winner.


1 Whole Chicken, approx. 1.5kg

6 Bay Leaves

1 Garlic Bulb, broken into cloves and lightly bashed

1 Bottle Sydney Brewery Darlo Dark

1 small bag of Hay



1.     Preheat oven to 200°C.

2.     Place the whole chicken on a large piece of muslin cloth. Season well with salt & pepper, place the bay leaves & garlic on top & around the chicken. Wrap up well and secure the muslin with string.

3.     Place a large handful of hay in the base of a casserole dish with a lid. Add the wrapped chicken and pack the rest of the hay into the dish, around and on top of the chicken. Pour the bottle of beer over, place the lid on the casserole dish and transfer to the oven.

4.     Roast for 1 hour until the juices of the chicken run clear when pierced with a knife. Remove from the oven and rest for 45 minutes.

5.     Unwrap the muslin and take out the whole chicken. At this stage the skin will still be pale & soft. To crisp it up you can either put the chicken under a high grill for a few minutes or, if you’re feeling super flash, use a blowtorch to brown the outside.

6.     Transfer the whole chicken to a wooden board and carve at the table.

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